There were several times throughout the transition process that I had questions/concerns, the answers to which required either one member of the team’s input, or collaboration between team members. In all instances, their answers/input were timely and spot on. My thanks to all team members in navigating what could have been a very difficult process and making it pain free!!

Mine was a particularly difficult process as we’re having a 3 year buyout rather than a one time payment. But we were working iwth admirable people and the fina results have been fabulous. Thank you for all your hard work. It was all greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much. And thanks to you and the team for everything.”

I wanted to let you know that I decided not to move forward with the practice in Chesterfield. The further I got into it, the more it proved to be a bad deal. However, I do want to say that Angie has been absolutely fantastic to work with. I have worked with a few other brokers as I have gone through this search, and Angie has outperformed all of them by leaps and bounds. She was always positive, always available to speak with me when I needed her, and was upfront and honest throughout the entire process…all things lacking in other agents I spoke with or worked with. Moving forward, I will not work with anyone else than BWTP and Angie Thomas to help me in a future transaction. I appreciate you, Angie, and your entire firm. Thank you.

I have worked with BWTP and recommend them to collegues when I can. It was only natural that when it came time to transition out of my current practice that they take the reins. I am glad I had their support and they have helped to make this an easy process.