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Business Valuation Part 6

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The analysis may include analytical procedures and supporting documentation incorporated in the analysis to arrive at the Conclusion of Value or Calculated Value. The CVA will assure the valuation is complete, accurate, adequate, relevant, reliable, appropriate and reasonable.

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Business Valuation Part 5

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A CVA is a designation issued to accounting professionals who have been certified in their knowledge and expertise in business valuation services. The members of the NACVA have received specific training and education, and abide by a code of ethical standards maintaining integrity and objectivity.

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Business Valuation Part 4

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BWTP P.C.’s valuation team has a proven track record of integrity, objectivity, sound judgment and commitment to quality service. We combine sophisticated understanding of accounting, taxation, financial analysis, business operations, industry and competitors to product well-reasoned and objective reports. Our Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA) are uniquely qualified to provide business valuation and litigation consulting...

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